• Echodyne Internship Program

    Echodyne Internship Program

    Join Our Team as an Engineering Intern!

Engineering Internship Program Calendar Cycle

Fall Interns: September to December

Winter Interns: December to March

Spring/Summer Interns: March to September

Current Internship Position Opening

The Fall Engineering Internship position application is now closed.

The Winter Engineering Internship position application will be available to apply in mid-October. 

Future Internship Positions

Fall Engineering Interns: Application open mid-July

Winter Engineering Interns: Application open mid-October 

Spring/Summer Interns: Application open mid-March 

Our unique engineering internship program runs year-round!

Echodyne offers a unique intern experience for college students year-round! We typically look for Engineering interns in the following areas: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Embedded Firmware Engineering, and Machine learning. No matter the specific interest, interns get to interact with all engineering disciplines while working on cutting edge radar in all aspects of product development. As an engineering intern at Echodyne, you will have the opportunity to write code, troubleshoot hardware, and assist in field testing of our products. Moreover, you'll have many opportunities to take the knowledge learned in school and apply it in an innovative product development environment.

Check out the testimonials from a few of our previous interns below!


Georgia Wetherholt - Former Intern

“While working at Echodyne I got to work on a variety of projects and was able to learn more about subjects that interested me. I would suggest this program to anyone looking for a junior computer engineering role that will give them new experiences and challenge them!”

Arshana Jain - Former Intern

"Echodyne has a great work culture that is very inclusive; I really felt like I was a part of the team! I received great mentoring that benefited me in other internships as well as in college."

Josh Yan - Former Intern

"My internship at Echodyne was the perfect start to my professional career! I had the opportunity to learn under some of the top engineers in the field, and what it takes to ship a product from start to finish."

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am a recent graduate? 

We accept undergraduates and graduates to this program. Although, we want to emphasize that this is a temporary position. 

What is the duration of the internship?

We will coordinate the internship around your university's calendar with flexible start and end dates; typically more or less than 12 weeks. Previously scheduled trips/time off are OK. 

Are there other interns? 

Typically, there are 2-5 other interns working at Echodyne at any one time; making a fun, team environment!

Does this internship satisfy college credit requirements?

Yes, Echodyne will work with your university in an effort to fulfill the requirements necessary to receive college credit for your time here!  

Is this is a paid internship?

Yes! A full benefits package is also available for you to enroll.